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Optometrist responsibilities:

  • Performing comprehensive eye and vision tests
  • Diagnosing defects of the eye, myopia, astigmatism, and glaucoma
  • Prescribing medications, eyeglasses, and contact lenses

Job brief

The ideal Optometrist is to perform eye tests and provide excellent eye care to our patients.

Optometrist responsibilities include examining vision tests, identifying eye problems, and prescribing corrective lenses and eyeglasses. To achieve success during this role, you ought to have attention to detail and be ready to treat all types of patients with kindness and discretion, from young children to the elderly. Making sure the accurate diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases and injuries are given

  • Perform comprehensive eye exam and vision tests
  • Diagnose defects of the eye, myopia, astigmatism, and glaucoma
  • Provide personalized temporary and permanent solutions to eye issues based on each patient’s medical history
  • Prescribe medications, eyeglasses, and contact lenses
  • Advise patients on proper eye care techniques
  • Update and input all patients’ medical records
  • Provide another appointment for follow-up where re-examination is required
  • Train patients on different ways to use and maintain their contact lenses
  • Refer patients to Ophthalmologists when patients possible needs surgery or in cases of severe eye injuries

Hiring an Optometrist

Many Eye care practices or hospitals find it difficult to hire optometrists, which is largely attributed to low unemployment rates and a competitive job market modality in optometry. Eye Doctors are in demand specialty roles like optometrists continue to grow, and practices have to invest in their hiring strategies to secure the best top talent.

Need a Talented Optometrists:

Hiring, managing, motivating, and training personnel are challenges to all or any practices,no matter their size. Eye Care personnel turnover is high, and in the eye care industry, the support staff is the most challenging employee to seek out and keep.

Finding and keeping the proper employees are crucial to the success of an eye care practice. You can lose a significant percentage of your practice income, or more, because of an unsuccessful staff. Without the proper interview process and patients care skills, lacking product knowledge, or someone who does not have people skills or how to treat patients are employees who don’t know what to do, and it affects the whole practice operations.

Getting a well-trained employee with experience or even someone without experience but who desires to learn and be a team player can maximize patient satisfaction to ensure that patients will return to the practice. The goal is to increase a patient’s total optical purchases and ensure patients are happy and satisfied with their eye wear selection. Listening to patients, keeping your staff up to date with all product knowledge and providing the best patient care possible, being honest, and ensuring that patients are satisfied with selection and staff and Optometrist will always increase patients visits, revenue, and referrals.

Career in optometry

Optometry is a healthcare profession that specializes in eye care and vision health. They can diagnose and treat all eye diseases and eye disorders. They perform vision tests, prescribe corrective lenses, prescribe medications for eye diseases, and, more depending on the state, practice using ocular instruments, retinal cameras, digital funds cameras, and other equipment

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Clinically, Optometrists aim to provide solutions to patients with eye disorders. First, patients are subject to a routine eye examination. In which the Optometrist takes a medical history of patients with eye problems. After this, the eyes are check for refractive errors, and a visual acuity test is performed to evaluate vision. If require, spectacles or contact lenses of the eyes’ calculated refractive status are prescribed to attain the proper vision.

Prescribing eyeglasses, diagnosing eye conditions and their causes, referring patients to specialists for eye surgery — it’s all in a day’s work for optometrists. Though their activities vary, their mission is always to help people see as well as possible.

Optometrists typically do the following:

  • Performs eye exams using different eye equipment and general diagnostic.
  • Prescribe, fit, and adjust eyeglasses, contact lenses, and other vision aids.
  • Diagnose and treat ocular disease.
  • Patient follow-up and care
  • Advice to patients regarding vision

The number one benefit that an optometrist has in the Industry is to help someone see better and to improve vision throughout the world. The hours that an Optometrist works depend on the Modality setting that each Optometrist decides to continue practicing. For Example, in private practice, either in an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist (OD/MD) setting could be Mondays-Fridays at a private practice or weekends. An Optometrist can continue your education throughout the year, usually paid for by your current employer.

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